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Kartik is a home-schooled artist who has travelled all over India and draws his inspiration as an artist from nature, exploring all art mediums qwerty creations built his website to catalogue his artworks for potential customers to browse and purchase online. We hope to have...



Scorecard is a one of a kind app that allows you to keep track of scores for players or teams in any game. The app lets you input names of all players or teams to give it a more personal touch. With its inbuilt calculator, Scorecard adds up scores of every round for you..



Spaceship is a one of a kind, super fun game with simple graphics in which you can control your own spaceship and navigate space tunnels. Your mission is to collect as many points as possible by dragging the spaceship with your finger and using the flip button...



Snippets are short pieces of code that we share with the aim of aiding and encouraging developers all over the world to understand and write better code.
This HTML, CSS and Javascript snippet is the best way to make the navbar for your website...

About Us

qwerty creations was initially launched to create simple apps for the Play Store. Our aim has been to deliver fun games and productive apps to users all over the globe. We have now expanded our forte to the web as well... Learn More