qwerty creations

Privacy Policy

At qwerty creations ("qwerty creations", "we", "us" or "our") we believe that privacy is a fundamental right. We strongly advocate our users' right to online privacy and put in every effort to respect and protect your privacy to the fullest extent. We want you to understand the data you entrust us with and the way we use it.

Data You Provide Us

When you interact with our website, you may send some data to our servers. For example, when you fill in and submit the contact form on our website, the data you provide in this form, including your first and last name, email address and message, is sent to and stored on our servers with the timestamp of when this data was provided. We may then use this data to get in touch with you. For your safety, this data remains encrypted in transit and is not shared by us, with any individual or organisation, without your knowledge and consent.

Data We Collect

We do not collect any personal or sensitive data, whatsoever, from you. Do note that our servers may keep track of statistics like the number of page visits our website has received, but such information is in aggregate and not linked to you in any manner, and is used by us to measure our performance and to maintain and improve our services. Thus, we do not collect, process, store or share any of your personal data, personally identifiable data, or any data, whatsoever, that may be linked or tied to you as an individual or organisation, without your knowledge and consent.

Data In Android Apps and Games

When you use, play or interact with the apps and games we provide through the Google Play Store for Android devices, you may provide some data to these apps and games to generate a unique or desired output from them, or simply to use them for their intended purpose. Similarly, these apps and games may also keep track of some in-app or in-game information such as your highscore in that particular game. Such data is necessary for the proper functioning of these apps and games, and is stored and used locally, on your device, in a manner that it is not accessible to other applications on your device, unless you request this data to be shared. For your safety, this data is neither sent to our servers nor accessible to us in any manner, whatsoever. Thus, we cannot collect, process, store or share any of this data.

About This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies only to the data collected, stored, managed and processed by qwerty creations. Some of our products - apps, games and websites - may contain products or services provided or managed by other companies, organisations or individuals. For example, our own website may contain a Google reCAPTCHA as a part of the contact form. This Privacy Policy does not apply to the data collected, stored, managed, processed or shared by such external or third-party companies, organisations or individuals. Please note that you and your data may be subject to the Privacy Policies of these other companies, organisations or individuals as well. qwerty creations is not responsible or liable to anyone for the data practices of such third-parties. You are encouraged to read and understand their Privacy Policies as well.