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kartikeyaarts.comVisit Site

Kartik is a home-schooled artist who has travelled all over India and draws his inspiration as an artist from nature, exploring all art mediums qwerty creations built his website to catalogue his artworks for potential customers to browse and purchase online. We hope to have succeeded in building an attractive and user-friendly website.

milonisampat.comVisit Site

Miloni, the lead designer at Miloni Sampat and Associates is the interior designer you need to design perfectly balanced interiors for your house. qwerty creations built her website to showcase her work, grow her online presence and reach out to prospective clients. We hope to have succeeded in building an elegant and interactive website.


ScorecardView on Google Play

Scorecard is a one of a kind app that allows you to keep track of scores for players or teams in any game. The app lets you input names of all players or teams to give it a more personal touch. With its inbuilt calculator, Scorecard adds up scores of every round for you so you don't have to do any of the math. This app also keeps track of scores from every round and lists them for you so you can view or edit them whenever necessary. With access to a virtual scoreboard at one's fingertips from anywhere and everywhere in the world, Scorecard hopes to reduce the amount of trees felled to make paper and pencils out of wood.

QR Barcode - Generator ScannerView on Google Play

A handy tool, QR Barcode - Generator Scanner lets you convert any text to a QR Code and Barcode and share them as images instantaneously. Navigate to the Generate tab to type in your text and watch it form into QR and Bar Codes. Navigate to the Scan tab and select an option to scan a QR Code or Barcode either from an image in your gallery or with the camera, and retrieve the text from it. Copy the text to your clipboard and directly open scanned links in your default browser. Next time you see a QR Code and don't know what to do, let our app help you out.


SpaceshipView on Google Play

Spaceship is a one of a kind, super fun game with simple graphics in which you can control your own spaceship and navigate space tunnels. Your mission is to collect as many points as possible by dragging the spaceship with your finger and using the flip button to switch to the point indicated by the arrow in the other tunnel. But beware of the comets! Two comets make the space tunnels hard to navigate. Can you dodge them and complete the mission? As you collect more points, you unlock new ships depending on your average score and high score. But there's a catch! If your average score falls down, you may lose some ships!

Color ShapeView on Google Play

Color Shape is the best game for little ones to learn basic colors like blue, green, red and yellow, and shapes like square, circle and triangle. It's also the best game for not-so-little-ones to test their hand eye co-ordination. You must click on the color or shape mentioned as fast as possible to gain a point and get the next challenge. If you click the incorrect one, you lose points! Tap as fast as you can before the timer runs out. Challenge your friends and see who scores the highest!


Snippets are useful (and some fun) tips, tricks and short pieces of code that we publish to aid and encourage budding developers around the world.


This HTML, CSS and Javascript snippet is the best way to make the navbar for your website.

Spam Bot

This Python snippet will make sure you win every spam competition against your friends!